Block random



Met dit commando kunt u meerdere gelijkwaardige 2D en 3D blocks veranderen met een willekeurige factor.


  1. After entering the command a dialogue box opens where the blocks from the drawing can be selected via different options.

  2. At first, the desired blocks are selected with the option Select blocks. Then, the selection can be refined with the filter functions on the left (eg. all blocks on the layer 0_Blocks). The number of selected blocks is then displayed in the dialogue.
  3. In the field Tolerances percentual modifcations can be entered for size, rotation, and location, which denote a change relative to the oringial value.
  4. After confirming with [OK] the dialogue closes and the settings are applied to the blocks.


For each block the respective base point is used as refrerence point.


This function is quite useful for the application with 3D plants from the plant library of DATAflor. Here, with only one symbol a forest planting can be simulated, this saves memory and optimizes the operating speed.


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