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 +====== Object height ======
 +===== Description =====
 +You can quickly and effectively assign ​ graphics objects or groups in the drawing using the height of the object. This gives you the opportunity in the area of checking the bill of quantities and construction areas to define with the object'​s height.
 +**Example:​** ​
 +Object height //2.5 units// (displayed isometric with the command **SHADE**)
 +===== Procedure =====
 +  - Mark a group or object in the object tree and click in the tab **Graphic** on the button **[Add]**.\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​gra037.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - Select the **object type** and the **graphic type** //Object height//.
 +  - In the field **Height** you can enter fixed values(eg. 4) or object-dependant values (eg. {Area}+10).\\ The **Factor** can be used of an exaggeration or reduction. In the example the height is = {Number} x 2.5 (in numbers 1 x 2.5 = 2.5). Alternatively,​ object heights can be set in relation the the area size. This way, for example for a isometric view, the biggest areas can be shown.
 +  - After **Colour** and **Layer** are selected, the dialogue is closed with **[OK]**.
 +  - The last step is to **save** the changes with {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​gra015.png?​nolink|}}.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +A **transparency** for the object can be defined by clicking on **[...]** (in DATAflor CADXPERT available since AutoCAD 2011).