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 +====== Link with Replication ======
 +DATAflor BUSINESS can be used as a replication solution. At that, there is a copy of the BUSINESS database on the local computer and the applicant can work with BUSINESS, even if there is no connection to the company'​s network. By doing so, he always uses the current data.
 +If there needs to be a link between DATAflor CAD to DATAflor Business (writing of mass lists, or the like) it has to be set up in the program. For this there is function which allows to switch access to the local BUSINESS database: [[Datenbank- und Netzwerkzugriff]].
 +It can be found in: **Start > (All) Programs > DATAflor > CAD Tools > Select database**.
 +In the dialogue the access to the **local/​network installation** or **replication** can be setup. ​
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +If there is **no replication** installed, the local or net access is selected. ​