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 +====== Draw coordinate grid ======
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 +Command: **DRAWKOORD**
 +===== Description =====
 +With this function you can generate coordinate grids with X- and Y- values. This can ease checking of coordinate values in the Mass List for the area calculations by Gauß-Elling,​ for expamle.
 +===== Procedure =====
 +  - After entering the command you are asked to define an area in your drawing that you want to generate a grid for. Alternatively you can enter coordinates manually. ​
 +  - By defining an area a dialogue opens where you can specify the **parameters** (see below) for the setting.\\ \\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​entwurf:​zei0017.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - After closing the dialogue with **[OK]** the grid will be generated.
 +===== Functions =====
 +Follow parametres can be changed:
 +**Frame**: Tick the box if you want to create a frame around the selected area.
 +Field **X-axis and Y-axis**: Specify the **spacing** between the X and Y values and their position: **top**, **bottom**, **left**, **right**.
 +Field **Caption**:​ With **absolute** and **relative** you can specify if absolute or relative coordinates are generated. Specify settings for **text height** and the **length of the axis**. <WRAP round important 85%>
 +If you enter 0.0 as length and a text height greater than 0.0, the length of the axis will be calculated automatically on the basis of  the text parameters.
 +Field **Marker**: Tick the box if you want to generate crosses at the intersections of the X- and Y-axes for clarification. The **size of the marker** can be modified in the field behind. ​