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 +====== Image edit ======
 +<WRAP round info 60%>
 +Command: **IMGWORK**
 +===== Description =====
 +This function allows you to amend your images within DATAflor CAD in regards to quality, alignment, size, and colour. The image selection is possible either directly in the drawing or with the dialogue for image editing. After editing, you can save the image and insert it into the drawing.\\ \\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​imgwork.png?​nolink|}}
 +===== Functions =====
 +==== Command bar ====
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_open.png?​nolink|}}|**Open:​** Opens a selected image.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_save.png?​nolink|}}|**Save:​** Save the image in a new file.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_back.png?​nolink|}}|**Undo:​** Reverses the most recent action (multiple steps possible).|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_forward.png?​nolink|}}|**Forward:​**Reverses the effects of the most recent undo command (multiple steps possible).|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_fliphori.png?​nolink|}}|**Mirror horizontal:​** Mirrors the image on a horizontal axis.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_flipvert.png?​nolink|}}|**Mirror vertical:** Mirrors the image on a vertical axis.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_rotateright.png?​nolink|}}|**Rotate 90° clockwise:​** Rotates the image for 90° to the right.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_rotateleft.png?​nolink|}}|**Rotate 90° counter clockwise:​** Rotates the image for 90° to the left.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_cut.png?​nolink|}}|**Cut:​** Cuts the image to fit the selection.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_zoomout.png?​nolink|}}|**Reduce:​** Reduces the view of the image on the basis of the defined zoom factors in the selection-list.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_zoomlist.png?​nolink|}}|Shows the default zoom factors in the selection-list.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_zoomin.png?​nolink|}}|**Enlarge:​** Enlarges the view of the image on the basis of the defined zoom factors in the selection-list.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_negativ.png?​nolink|}}|**Negative:​** Creates a colour negative of the image.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_polaroid.png?​nolink|}}|**Polaroid:​** Creates a frame around the image and makes it look like a polaroid.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_oil.png?​nolink|}}|**Oil:​** Makes the image look like a oil painting, as if it is drawn with a brush.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_pencil.png?​nolink|}}|**Pencil:​** Converts the image into a pencil drawing.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_choose.png?​nolink|}}|**Eye dropper:** With this colour selection mode the current colour of the image can be selected. Click into the desired colour area in the image. The colour will be framed in the Colour Palette.<​WRAP round tip 90%>
 +Multiple colours can be selected. For this, hold the windows-keys <wrap caps>​**Strg**</​wrap>​ or <wrap caps>​**Shift**</​wrap>​ pressed.
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_imgcut.png?​nolink|}}|**Selection:​** With this mode a square or rectangular image section can be selected.\\ \\ Click on the first corner of the section, hold the mouse button pressed and drag the cursor diagonally across the screen. If you have reached the second corner of the desired section let the button go. <WRAP round tip 90%>
 +With this marking the image section can be adjusted in position and size.
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_backgrund.png?​nolink|}}|**Background:​** Changes the background colour of transparent areas. The following colours are available: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, and Black.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_close.png?​nolink|}}|**Cancel:​** Closes the dialogue without saving the changes.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_ok.png?​nolink|}}|**Confirm:​** Closes the dialogue, saves the changes and imports the image into the drawing.|
 +==== Functions on the right ====
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_truecolor.png?​nolink|}}|**True Color:** Shows the image in the True Color mode.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_256color.png?​nolink|}}|**256 Colours:** Reduces the colour depth of a True Color Image to 256 colours.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_graycolor.png?​nolink|}}|**Greyscale:​** Reduces the colour depth to 256 shades of grey.|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​icon_bwcolor.png?​nolink|}}|**Monochrome:​** Reduces the colour depth to 2 colours (black/​white).|
 +|**Colour Palette**|Display of the Colour Palette of the current image where you want to select the colour from that is supposed to be edited. In the True Color mode a colour palette is not shown.\\ The colour can also be selected with an **Eye dropper** tool.\\ <WRAP round tip 90%>
 +There can be multiple colours selected. For this, hold the keys <wrap caps>​**Strg**</​wrap>​ or <wrap caps>​**Shift**</​wrap>​ pressed.
 +|**Change Colour(s)**|Opens the dialogue **Colour** and substitutes the colours selected in the colour palette with the new colours (click on basic colour or user-defined colour). To use the user-defined colour open the entire colour selection with the button **Define colour**.\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​anbindung:​imgwork_color.png?​nolink&​300|}}|
 +|**Set Colour Transparent**|Sets one or more selected colours to transparent.\\ \\ For the transparent areas the selected **background colour** will be displayed. | 
 +|**Adjust Image**|Shows the changes from the fields **Image size** an **Properties** in the dialogue window.|
 +|**Image size**|In this area the size of the image can be recalculated. Enter the desired size into the fields for **Width** and **Height**. You can also specify the units of measurement in which you want to apply the settings.\\ \\ The option **Maintain width-to-height ratio** links the two values so that the overall ratio of image width to image height is kept. As soon as the height or width changes, the other value will be adjusted automatically.\\ \\ The changes will be displayed by clicking the button **Adjust Image**.|
 +|**Properties**|With the sliders the image can be adjusted in **Brightness** and **Contrast**. These changes will be displayed by clicking the button **Adjust Image**.\\ \\ Is an image in the drawing selected the sliders for **Brightness**,​ **Contrast**,​ and **Fade** (hide with background) become visible, but changes will only become visible in the drawing after confirmation.|
 +==== Information in bottom right corner ====
 +|**Zoom**|Display of the current zoom-factor.|
 +|**Image**|Display of the current image size in pixels and colour depth.|