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 +====== Create lighting plan ======
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 +Command: **DFLIGHTMAP**
 +===== Description =====
 +This command {{:​produkte:​cad:​icons:​icon_16_dflightmap.png?​nolink|}} creates a lighting plan that is inserted into the drawing as image. With this, certain settings can be selected in the dialogue **DATAflor Lighting Plan**.
 +===== Functions =====
 +|**Paper size**|Displays the available default paper size. Because a pixel image is created, the size of the plot is specified in pixels.|
 +|**Plot area**|Determines the plot area of the drawing. **Display** plots the view in the current viewport. **Limit** plots the area of the current drawing area where objects are located. **Window** plots the part of the drawing you specified. If you select Windows, the plot area will be defined over two corners using the button **[...]**.|
 +|**Shading**|Specifies how shaded and rendered windows will be plotted, and sets the level of resolution and DPI (dots per inch).|
 +|**Plot style**|Sets the plot style and provides a list of the currently available plot style tables.|
 +|**Blur**|Blur can be used to stylize your image and usually results in a reduced contrast.| ​                                                                                                                                                  
 +|**Dim**|Controls the brightness of the image.|
 +|**Reduce color saturation**|Controls the color intensity of the picture.|
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 +If changes in the lighting plan have been made, the lighting plan must be recreated.