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 +====== Application example ======
 +===== Description =====
 +In the delivery package of DATAflor CAD there is an example configuration contained where the principles of a configuration setup are explained. This is an access-database with multiple tables which denote the database of a spreadsheet program.
 +=== Table of Projects (PROJECTS) ===
 +|36251|Planting Weiher Street|Tümpelheim City|
 +|14253|Maintenance Grünwald|Mr. Hasseblatt|
 +|15344|Water Park|Mr. Schwimmtgern|
 +=== Table of Specifications (LVS) ===
 +|41523|36251|Tree planting on right|
 +|32321|36251|Tree planting on left|
 +|32613|14253|Leaves collection in Buchenhain|
 +|17243|14253|Round cut box trees|
 +|56712|14253|Sweep forest ground|
 +=== Table of Items (ITEMS) ===
 +^ItemID^SpecID^ParentID^ItemNo^Short text^Quantity^MassUnit^GraphicID^
 +|65123|41523| |1|Plant tree| | |105|
 +|65124|41523|65123|1.1|Dig planting hole| |M³|102|
 +|65125|41523|65123|1.2|Plant tree| |Item|102|
 +|66111|32321| |1|Dig planting hole| |M3|105|
 +|66112|32321| |2|Plant tree| |Item|105|
 +|68098|32613| |1|Collect leaves| |Item|105|
 +|70450|17243| |1|Southside Grünwald| | |105|
 +|70451|17243|70450|1.1|Climb tree| |M|101|
 +|71398|17243|70451|1.1.1|Setup ladder| |1|100|
 +|70452|17243|70450|1.2|Cut round leaves| |Item|102|
 +|70453|17243| |2|Northside Grünwald| | |105|
 +|70454|17243|70452|2.1|Cut round leaves| |Item|102|
 +|73888|56712| |1|Mow lawn| |M2|105|
 +=== Table of Graphic Information (GRAPHIC) ===
 +===== Configure new ODBC-driver =====
 +At first, an entry needs to be created and configured for the data source in the Windows ODBC Driver Manager. ​
 +=== Procedure ===
 +  - Within the Windows Control Panel/​System Administration to point **Data sources (ODBC)** is opened (here in Windows XP Pro).\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​odbs0001.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - In the ODBC settings the tab **System-DSN** has to be activated. With **[Add]** a new entry is created.\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​odbs0002.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - In the next selection dialogue the driver for the database has to be specified. In this example the Microsoft Access Driver (Version 4.00.4403.03) has to be selected. With **[Done]** the dialogue is closed. \\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​odbs0003.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - In the next dialogue the final settings for the driver have to be made. This dialogue box varies depending on the used driver. In this example the settings in accordance with the figure below are to be used:\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​odbs0004.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - As database the file **//Offene Datenbankschittstelle.MDB//​** is selected with **[Select...]** which can be found in the folder **//​Beispiel/​Offene Datenbankschnittstelle//​** (Example/​Open Database Interface) in the program directory of DATAflor CAD. 
 +  - The dialogue is closed with **[OK]**. The ODBC-driver is configured.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +For new configurations deviating from the example above this entry could already be prepared by the foreign program.
 +<WRAP round important 90%>
 +Administration rights are required for the setup of the ODBC-driver.
 +===== Create ODBC-configuration =====
 +In the next step a ODBS-configuration is created. For this, the relevant dialogue box needs to be opened in DATAflor CAD. Follow the steps in [[Funktionsweise]] > **Create ODBS-configuration** listed in the topic Method.
 +=== Procedure ===
 +  - With **[Neu...]** a new ODBS-configuration is prepared.\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​odbs0005.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - Entre the following values into the configuration fields:\\ **Title of Configuration:​** Example\\ **Used ODBC-Driver:​** Example-Database DATAflor\\ **Database file:** no entry\\ **Selection title:** Select spec
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +For checking purposes the exercise result for the configuration of the Example-Database is already prepared.\\ ​ Name: **Access - Example-Database.DBK**\\ Name of ODBS Driver: **Example data**
 +</​WRAP>  ​