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 +====== Set out ======
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 +Command: **MLEISTE**
 +===== Description =====
 +With this command you can dimension points perpendicular to a set out line which denotes an Abscissa-Ordinates-Set Out, which is often used on landscape sites.
 +===== Procedure =====
 + ​{{youtube>​QVn6voTNtBg?​medium}}\\ \\ 
 +==== Automatic set out  ====
 +The use of the function automatic is quite practial. After selection a dialogue opens where any number of drawing objects can be dimensioned on the abscissa between a derivation of pick points or with a freely defined distance.\\ \\ 
 +via pick points\\ ​
 +via distance\\ ​
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 +**Edit set out line.**\\  ​
 +In the drawing contained set out lines can be edited in the window Properties. By selecting an object you can add or delete ordinates besides editing all properties.
 +===== Options =====
 +==== Tab X-axis (abscissa) ====
 +{{:​produkte:​cad:​entwurf:​zei0033.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +In the field **Text** a rotation angle to the abscissa of **0**, **90**, **180**, or **270** degrees and the caption side **opposite Y-axis**, **always left**, **always right** can be set up. The field **Lines** controls the display of the abscissa. ​
 +==== Tab Y-axis (ordinate) ====
 +{{:​produkte:​cad:​entwurf:​zei0034.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +In the field **Text** a rotation angle to the abscissa of **0**, **90**, **180**, or **270** degrees and the labelled side **before Y-axis** (from Zero Point), **behind Y-axis** (from Zero Point), **always left** (of X-axis), or **always right** (of X-axis), can be set up. As start position you can choose between **start**, **center**, and **end** of Y-axis. The field **Lines** controls the display of the abscissa.
 +==== Tab Symbols ====
 +{{:​produkte:​cad:​entwurf:​zei0035.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +In the field **Arrow** a tick for the start and end of the ordiante can be specified, as well as its size. Under **Set Out Point** a symbol for the start of the set out line on the abscissa can be defined, as well as its size. Under layer the layer can be specified on which you want to save the set out line.
 +==== Tab Text ====
 +{{:​produkte:​cad:​entwurf:​zei0036.gif?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +For the text to be inserted a text height can be specified. Is the text height 0.00 (=flexible) it will be generated at maximum size that is possible without overlaps. Furthermore,​ there are fields available to specify precision, **suffix**, **width**, and **colour** of the text.