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 +====== Object tree ======
 +===== Description =====
 +The object tree has two sections. The section **Current planning** all objects of the current design are listed and in the section **Pre-settings** settings are defined for the current design.
 +===== Functions =====
 +In both sections the following objects can be displayed in the object tree:
 +The **upper tree structure** contains the objects from the [[Objekt-Manager]] and is used for the detection of areas.
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was002.png?​nolink|}}|Groups with the base for calculation of irrigation activated (see [[Massenbaum]] > Groups|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​icon0031.gif?​nolink|}}|Groups with the base for calculation of irrigation deactivated|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was018.png?​nolink|}}|Detected areas that denote a base for irrigation (see [[Objekte]])|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was019.png?​nolink|}}|Detected areas with allocated subtracted areas|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​icon0030.gif?​nolink|}}|Detected subtracted areas and areas with the option base for calculation of irrigation deactivated|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was020.png?​nolink|}}|Detected 3D-areas from the **Object-Manager** that are base for calculation of irrigation; calculation is in 2D (see [[3D Objekte]])|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was023.png?​nolink|}}|Detected 3D-areas from the **Object-Manager** with allocated subtracted areas; calculation is in 2D|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​icon0014.gif?​nolink|}}|Detected subtracted 3D-areas from the **Object-Manager** with the option base for the calculation of irrigation deactivated;​ calculation is in 2D|
 +In the **bottom tree structure** the irrigation objects are created and administered.
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was021.png?​nolink|}}|Irrigation project/ Material templates|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was022.png?​nolink|}}|without allocation|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was014.png?​nolink|}}|Water source|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was005.png?​nolink|}}|Water pipe|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was024.png?​nolink|}}|Spray Head|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was006.png?​nolink|}}|Valve circuit/​hoses/​pipes|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was026.png?​nolink|}}|Control system|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was027.png?​nolink|}}|Electric cable|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was028.png?​nolink|}}|Drip pipes|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was039.png?​nolink|}}|Drip pipe area|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was015.png?​nolink|}}|Valve unit|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was030.png?​nolink|}}|Water pump|
 +|{{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was031.png?​nolink|}}|Root irrigation|
 +===== Current planning=====
 +The upper tree structure contains the objects from the **Object-Manager** and is used for the detection of areas that are needed as base for the irrigation plan. Working with distances and volume is not possible.
 +Was a tree structure created in the drawing already, it will be displayed here with all symbols.
 +If there is no object tree in the **Object-Manager** yet, a pre-defined template structure (see next chapter **Pre-settings**) with appropriate graphic allocation is used. This structure will then be displayed as object tree in the **Irrigation-Manager**.
 +In the bottom tree structure the irrigation objects are created and administered.  ​
 +In the group {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was022.png?​nolink|}} **without allocation** all used objects that are not allocated and that can still be repositioned are collected. The sprinklers and nozzles can be placed into the irrigation project via Drag & Drop or be sorted by selection from the drawing.
 +Are objects connected through {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was005.png?​nolink|}} **Pipes** or {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was006.png?​nolink|}} **Valve circuits** to each other, they will be sorted automatically.
 +<WRAP round important 90%>
 +It might occur that irrgation objects are marked red in the tree. For example, this becomes the case when sprinklers with varied water distribution were specified or the pressure for the water source is too low. You should check the specified pressure values of your materials and possibly use multiple valve circuits. (see [[Anschlüsse erstellen]] > Draw valve circuit).
 +===== Pre-settings =====
 +In the dialogue **Irrigation-Manager** the tree for the **Current planning** can be closed and the tree for the **Pre-settings** opened.
 +In the upper tree you specify settings that are to be used for the design. Here you can create your own group structure, which is used for drawings as the default setting in the dialogue **Irrigation-Manager**. Then you have the opportunity to create a differenciated Water analysis (see [[Beregnung erstellen]] > Water analysis). for the detected areas.\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​was042.png?​nolink|}}
 +In the bottom part the material settings can be specified. Below the imported catalogues the materials are displayed in groups.
 +Here settings can be made not only for graphics and captions, but also which materials in what order are to regarded. Please find more information in the section: [[Wasser Tipps und Tricks]] > Define material selection.