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 +====== Tips and Tricks ======
 +The DATAflor Hotline also deals with inquiries on how to solve certain tasks regarding Documentation. Our answers to frequently asked questions can be found in this chapter.
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 +===== Check of invoices =====
 +**Question:​** According to the inspector, the calculations were not accepted, because they are not verifiable. What can I do?
 +**Answer:** Please refer to the article on our web page: [[http://​​htm/​de/​html/​ServiceTipps_fuer_KundenPruefen_von_Abrechnungen.php#​t1234|Prüfen von Abrechnungen]] (check of invoices). There we have already dealt extensively with this subject.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +The original DATAflor web page is in German, but with modern web-browser tools (like the one in Google Chrome: right-click on the text to be translated > Translate to...) we hope, we are able to offer you sufficient support.
 +===== Edit documentation =====
 +**Question:​** The automatically created documentation looks unclear. What options do I have to adjust the documentation?​
 +**Answer:** For the editing of the documentation you have multiple options. These are listed below and are described in detail in the designated chapters:
 +  * [[Optionen für Dokumentation]] > Reduce documentation
 +  * [[Optionen für Dokumentation]] > Increase point numbers
 +  * [[Flächen]] > Automatic documentation
 +  * [[Dokumentation Manuell⁄Bearbeiten]]
 +  * [[Hinweise zur Anwendung]] > Edit documentations in the drawing
 +===== Incorrect display of line type =====
 +**Question:​** In the documentation a dashed line type was selected for the height of the triangles. This line is not shown in the documentation. The same issues are with dotted, and dash-dotted lines. How can I make those lines visible? Why is that? 
 +**Answer:** You can use the same line type in different scales, by changing the line type scale globally or individually for each object. In the settings, the scale for the line type is 1.0. The smaller the scale, the more pattern is repeated per drawing unit. With a factor of 0.5 the pattern is repeated twice in the line type definition for each drawing unit.
 +Short line segments that cannot display a full line type pattern are shown as a contniuous line. For lines that are even too short for a single line sequence, a smaller line type scale can be used. Mark the documentation-object and open the properties. Change the value for the **Line type scale** the properties.