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 +====== Photoshop transfer ======
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 +Command: **PSDEXPORT**
 +===== Description =====
 +The Photoshop interface allows you to export drawing elements from DATAflor CAD to Photoshop. ​
 +|Created design in DATAflor CAD|Editing of the design in Photoshop|
 +You can export objects from model- and layout space, to Photoshop.
 +===== Procedure =====
 +{{youtube>​v8hylzdbADI?​medium}}\\ ​
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 +When exporting from paper space the paper size is defined by the layout.
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 +Open Photoshop before using the command so DATAflor CAD can find the interface.
 +===== Functions =====
 +|**Paper size**|Select the required paper size.|
 +|**Plot area**|You can define the plot area as follows:\\ **Display:​** Exports the current view\\ **Window:** Exports a defined window specified on-screen {{:​produkte:​cad:​auswahl_klein.png?​nolink|}}\\ **Limits:** Exports the entire drawing|
 +|**Filter**|You can select different visual styles and adjust the quality.|
 +|**Plot style**|Pre-defined plot styles can be applied to the export.|
 +|**Resolution**|Select the resolution for the image file you want to export.|
 +|**Format**|Select an image format.|
 +|**transfer as one layer**|Instead of exporting one CAD layer per Photoshop layer, only one layer will be created for the export. <WRAP round important 85%>
 +In Photoshop an individual layer will be created for every exported CAD layer. ​
 +|**Do not delete EPS files**|The **//​EPS//​**-files used for the export will not be deleted after the export.|
 +|**Do not start Photoshop**|Photoshop will not automatically be started for the export. The **//​EPS//​**-files will be saved to the hard drive.|
 +|**Preview**|Check your settings prior to the export with the Preview.|
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 +**Referenced images**  ​
 +  * Referenced images can only be created in model space and vice-versa can be inserted back into model space with the function **Export referenced image to AutoCAD** (see [[Funktionen in Photoshop]]).
 +  * The export from paper space is not referenced. The images can therefore only be inserted with the function **Export current view as image to AutoCAD** (see [[Funktionen in Photoshop]]).
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 +You must not crop images in Photoshop, otherwise the reference is lost.