What's new?

Version 2020

The new features listed here relate to all our CAD products: GREENXPERT, LANDXPERT, CADXPERT und ETB-CAD. Some features are license-dependent and are not available to all users.


  • Dynamic Blocks - In the area of the online libraries, a new library with dynamic blocks with the topics construction technology, drainage planning, sports field planning and planning and layout is available. These drawing objects with additional information can be loaded into the Quick Manager. more on this topic

  • Quickstart Design planning - Six new films make it easier for you to get started with DATAflor CAD.
    For this purpose, the Quickstart Design library has also been revised and is also available in the online library section. more on this topic
  • Mass tree - For an easy quantity determination, the new mass tree Template Quantity determination is available. With the mass tree Cost groups DIN 276 - Edition 2018 costs can also be determined and controlled in the DATAflor CAD. more on this topic

Digital terrain model

  • Totalstation Import - Importing total station data into the terrain model is greatly facilitated by intuitive and flexible column formatting. Measuring points of all common total stations can be processed and displayed both graphically and non-graphically. All relevant points can be selected by using filters. more on this topic

  • Triangulations of 3D areas - Triangulations in the Quick-DTM can be created quickly and easily from 3D surfaces. more on this topic

Other innovations

  • BUSINESS-Item link - Performance improvement in the field of linking quick masses.
    more on this topic

  • System - Support 4K resolution (Ultra HD) for the use of large 4K monitors.
  • Plant planning - Planting objects from the plant planning module are also visible on computers without DATAflor CAD - as proxy elements.

AutoCAD Base

The new features listed here are available to CADXPERT and LANDXPERT 2020 users who work on basis of AutoCAD or AutoCAD Map in the 2020 version.

  • User interface - Modern, blue design. Less tiring for the eyes due to improved contrasts and better sharpness.
  • Performance improvement - Reduced storage time and 50% faster installation time on SSD hard drives.
  • Cloud storage connectivity - Access all DWG files in AutoCAD with the cloud from Autodesk or other leading cloud providers.
  • Clean - Simultaneously remove multiple unnecessary objects with preview of the items to be cleaned. In addition, possible causes of objects that cannot be cleaned can be detected.
  • Block pallet - Efficiently insert blocks using visual galleries, filters, and insert options. In addition, view changes of the individual blocks on the block palette are possible.
  • DWG Compare - Compare two versions of a drawing or xref directly in the current window.
  • Fast measurement - Dynamic display of all nearby dimensions in a drawing by moving the mouse pointer over it.

For more information on these and other innovations, see Autodesk Knowledge Network: New features in AutoCAD 2020

en/produkte/cad_2019/was_ist_neu New features of the Version 2019 can be found here.