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 +====== Quick ======
 +===== Description =====
 +This tab is used for a fast allocation of properties for labeling, graphic variants, colours, name and documentation.
 +===== Function =====
 +==== Layout ====
 +In the area **Layout** a in the [[Themen-Manager]] defined **theme** can be choosen. The settings of the individual themes labeling, graphics and documentation can be used.
 +Underneath the selection of the **color** is possible. Therefore select a color theme defined in the [[Farbthemen-Manager]]. On the tab [[registerkarte_farben_qmassen]] you can adjust the color theme.
 +==== Base name ====
 +Here the **base name** for the corresponding object type  in the mass tree can be changed. Useing the button **[apply]** The change is directly executed. If a mass list already exists, it should be rewritten.
 +If the new base name should also  be used for new drawings, then use the button {{:​produkte:​cad_2019:​icon_standard_festlegen.png?​nolink|}} **Set this name as the default for new drawings**.
 +The button {{:​produkte:​cad_2019:​icon_sperre.png?​direct|}} locks the base name, so that changes of the the base name, which occur in below groups, are not covered.
 +==== Graphic ====
 +To work with the **graphic variants**, just turn on the variations on the group level in the mass tree or [[glossar:​Objekte|Objects]] ​ **on** or **off**, by ticking the box.\\ After saving, the current state is transferred to all below groups and objects. ​
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +Additionally on a lower group, one of the other variants of the graphic can be activated . This activation is not inherited upwards.
 +More information on the subject of graphic you will find on the [[registerkarte_grafik_qmassen|Tab Graphic]].
 +==== Documentation ====
 +For all information about the functions of a documentation,​ see the topic [[registerkarte_dokumentation_qmassen|Documentation]].\\ ​
 +Here you will find information about the following features:
 +|**Create**|The objects are documented on the basis of the preconfigured settings.|
 +|**Delete**|Deletes all documentation within the hierarchy, also manually created or edited documentaries.|
 +|**Check edges**|Within an area, edges can be defined to align the documentation to.|[[flaechen_qmassen#​automatische_dokumentation_ueber_pruefkanten|Automatic documentation of check edges]]|
 +|**Variant**|Automatically creates a different version of the documentation for fragmentation of the regular geometries.|[[flaechen_qmassen#​automatische_dokumentation|Automatic dokumentation]]|
 +|**Edit manually**|Editing the existing documentation.|[[dokumentation_manuell_bearbeiten_qmassen]]| ​
 +|**Draw Building-Axis**|Inside or outside an area a straight line can be defined, to align the documentation to.|[[flaechen_qmassen#​automatische_dokumentation_ueber_bauachse|Automatic documentation via construction axis]]|
 +|**Copy in blocks**|The documentation objects are copied in blocks.|[[hinweise_zur_anwendung_qmassen#​dokumentation_in_der_zeichnung_bearbeiten|Edit documentation in the drawing]]| ​
 +|**Mass list**|Creates a mass list in the database of DATAflor BUSINESS.|[[mengennachweis_erstellen_qmassen]]|
 +|**Check**|With this option the documented mass of objects is compared with the exact quantity.|[[funktionen_dokumentation#​dokumentation_ueberpruefen|Check documentation]]|
 +The documentation can be simplified (see [[optionen_fuer_dokumentation_qmassen#​dokumentation_vereinfachen| Simplify the documentation]]). The **variation** between the **exact quantity** and the simplified documentation (**documented mass**) of the selected drawing object appears in the documentation below.
 +===== Further steps =====
 +[[themen-manager]]\\ ​
 +[[farbthemen-manager]]\\ ​
 +[[registerkarte_farben_qmassen]]\\ ​
 +[[registerkarte_grafik_qmassen|Registerkarte Grafik]]\\
 +[[registerkarte_dokumentation_qmassen|Registerkarte Dokumentaion]]\\ ​