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Contour lines



Isolines (contour lines in a terrain) are derived from a triangulation, a grid, or from an end area volume, and are in the hierarchy below the corresponding terrain object.

When calculating isolines an precisely defined terrain height is inserted as line on the surface or on the end area volume. The presentation for triangulations is accordingly straight, whereat the grid usually produces a curved result.


Create contour lines

Quick-DTM > right click onto a Triangulation, a Grid or an End area volume > Contour line

Edit contour lines

By opening the Info (see Quick-DTM) of the contour lines the properties can be changed in the tab Contour lines.

In the field From To the smallest and the greatest Z-value (height) within the selected surface is displayed. Here, also the area in which the contour lines are to be generated is defined (e.g. only between 90.00 and 100.00m).

You can also click in the bottom row of the table to create a new Interval. By clicking into the field for the Colour a colour can be chosen from the list. The intervals are automatically aktive and visible in the drawing.

If contour lines are calculated with reference to a triangulation, the presentation is very “edgy” because the triangulation can not be curved. To achieve smooth contour lines use the function to round off isolines. For this tick the box Round.


When confirmed with [Apply] the contour lines will be calculated and inserted into the drawing.

Because the rounding, the visible course of the contour lines may differ from the calculated course. Therefore the intensity of the rounding can bedefined from very weak rounding (very close to the calculated course. The contour lines are rounded a little at the corners) to very strong rounding (bigger difference from the calculated course. Very round appearance of the contour lines).

The name of the contour lines (tab General) is filled automatically with the default description of the original object.

The settings in the tab General and the intervals in the tab Contour lines can be predefined as template for all future drawings in the window Configuration (see Quick-DTM).

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