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 +====== Object-Manager ======
 +<WRAP round info 90%>
 +Command: **MASSEN**
 +The Object-Manager works just like the Microsoft Windows Explorer. With only one command normal CAD drawing elements turn to intelligent objects, where properties (length, area etc.) are derivated automatically and new properties (hatches, caption etc.) can be allocated and administered easily.\\ ​
 +Numerous options adjust the Object-Manager to all the special requirements in everyday planning:
 +<WRAP column 30%>
 +  * [[Projektstart]]
 +  * [[Menü und Symbole]]
 +  * [[Massenbaum]]
 +  * [[Konfiguration]]
 +  * [[Optionen]]
 +  * [[Steuerung von Sichtbarkeiten]]
 +<WRAP column 30%>
 +  * [[Objekte]]
 +  * [[Eigenschaften]]
 +  * [[Grafik]]
 +  * [[Beschriftung]]
 +  * [[Dokumentation]]
 +  * [[Material-Manager|Material]]
 +  * [[Pflanzen]]
 +<WRAP column 30%>
 +  * [[Business Kopplung]]
 +  * [[GAEB Schnittstelle]]
 +  * [[Datenbankanbindung]] ​
 +  * [[GIS]]
 +  * [[Verschneidung]]  ​
 +  * [[Google Earth Massenexport]]
 +  * [[Legende erzeugen]]
 +All functions can be started through either the icons, menu, tabs, keyboard or in the object tree with right mouse-click. The Object-Manager is programmed to function context-dependant,​ which means that certain situations functions are available only if they can be applied at this point or are pre-defined by the respective objects. If this is not the case the function is grayed out.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +When working with the Object-Manager in bigger drawings long calcuation times or page files (File names like$ in the TEMP directory) can occur, then the AutoCAD function **UNDO** can be deactivated:​ command **UNDO** , enter **C** (control) and then **N** (none).