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 +====== Material catalogue  ======
 +<WRAP round info 90%>
 +Command: **KATALOG**
 +The material catalogue can be opened at any time, even if there are no materials used in the drawing. This makes it possible to print an existing list or do research on materials.  
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 +The full functionality is always available, eg. access to selections (see [[Materiallisten]]), application of own materials, export as GAEB-file, import of other material catalogues and Adding of more material catalogues for irrgation (see [[Materialien zuweisen]] > Add catalogue).
 +The material catalogue can be opened without DATAflor CAD. Within DATAflor BUSINESS there is an similar functionality to the command in CAD. For this start DATAflor BUSINESS.
 +With the DATAflor CAD installation different catalogs are provided (E.g. ERCO luminaires, DATAfor irrigation as well as pipes and hoses). You can import more manufacturer catalogs, if they exist as DFZ files.
 +More information about the catalogs will be found under: 
 +  * [[Material-Manager]]\\ 
 +  * [[Bewässerungs-Manager]] > [[Materialien zuweisen]]