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 +====== Check outlines ======
 +===== Desription =====
 +With this option differences between the derivated locked outlines and the original objects can be detected. The state of the outline (locked or unlocked) will not be changed. ​
 +===== Functions =====
 +Start the command **Check outlines** with Menu **Extras > Outlines > Check outlines**
 +If there are no differences a message will notify you.
 +Should there be differences between the original object and the fixed outlines the [[Objekt-Manager]] will close and the area will be displayed on the screen. Additionally,​ there will is an overview about the size of the deviation.
 +In the drawing the locked state is displayed blue, the red outline is the outline that DATAflor CAD suggests on the basis of the underlying objects. Now, there are multiple options:
 +|**create new**|Deletes the current outline derivation and opens the dialogue for the outline derivation again to select the new (and additional) objects.|
 +|**automatic**|Applies the suggested (red) derivation as new outline.|
 +|**ignore**|Does not hange the state of the derivation and checks the drawing for more discrepancies.|
 +|**automatic all**|Applies the automatic outline derivation to all objects that differ from the original object. <WRAP round important 90%>​Please consider that this could lead to substantial changes in your drawing which may not be noticed immediately.</​WRAP>​|
 +|**ignore all**|Closes the check without saving any changes.|