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 +====== BUSINESS-Link ======
 +The specialty of DATAflor CAD is the interaction with the DATAflor Specification- and Calculation software. This is not a one-time data exchange via file, but a direct link of the drawing with the specification,​ the tender, or the invoicing through a database. ​  
 +The advantages are obvious. Through the constant comparison of drawing and specification or tender, always, the correct quantities are used in DATAflor BUSINESS and changes in the specification or tender are visible immediately in DATAflor CAD.
 +<WRAP column 45%>
 +  * [[Positionskopplung]]
 +  * [[LV Objekte]]
 +  * [[Verwaltung in DATAflor CAD]]
 +  * [[Verwaltung in DATAflor BUSINESS]]
 +<WRAP column 45%>
 +  * [[Beschriftung in der CAD Zeichnung]]
 +  * [[Zeichnungskopie oder -variante erstellen]]
 +  * [[Kopplung mit Replikation]]
 +  * [[Kopplung mit Mehrmandantenverwaltung]]
 +===== Important notes =====
 +  * The drawing has to be saved before it is linked to DATAflor BUSINESS, because the drawing name will be transferred. Otherwise, only the name of the template file will be listed (eg. **//​gree2010iso.DWT//​**).\\ \\ 
 +  * If objects are changed in the drawing an updated of the quanities is carried out automatically in DATAflor Business. With the relevant settings the item quanity may change as well. This will happen as long as a number is entered manually in the mass field of the item in DATAflor BUSINESS or the entry is changed with the function **Edit quantities**. This entry has no influence on the drawing object.\\ \\ 
 +  * If a linked group or object is **deleted** from the object tree of the **Object-Manager**,​ all related masses in DATAflor BUSINESS are removed as well (Item quantity and CAD-mass). The entry in the mass list remains.\\ \\ 
 +  * When working with **multiple mass lists** there is the option in DATAflor BUSINESS (from Version 25.54) to activate a CAD-write protection for existing mass lists.\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​mengennachweisaen.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\ As long as this is activated, a mass list cannot be written.\\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​planung:​schreibschutz.png?​nolink&​|}}\\ \\ With this function you have the opportunity to write a mass list of the quantities for specification,​ tender and contract. Or you created a mass list for the 1., 2., and 3. measurement of quantities, as well as the end calculation. This way, you have always held the status of each bill.