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 +====== Image insert =====
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 +Command: **IMGINSERT**
 +===== Description =====
 +With this command you can insert images into the drawing. \\ \\ 
 +===== Method =====
 +When clicking the button **[...]** a dialogue opens to select the desired image.  ​
 +With the field **Layer** a layer can be specified on which the image will be inserted. Alternatively a new layer can be entered.
 +Is the option **Maintain Image Ratio** activated the image will be inserted in its original proportions. If the option is not ticked, height and width can be specified manually. The parameters **Insertion Point**, **Scale**, and **Rotation** can be entered directly into the dialogue. Alternatively those parameters can be **specified on-screen**. ​
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 +**Insertion of compressed image** files like the compressed **//​TIFF//​** is not supported by AutoCAD. These images can be used in AutoCAD only if they were saved in another file format with an image editing program.