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 +====== Sort display order by layer ======
 +<WRAP round info 60%>
 +Command: **LAYERSORT** ​
 +===== Description =====
 +To move single objects of layers up or down the command **LAYERSORT** is used where a layer is selected which then can be moved to the top or to the bottom in the AutoCAD display order. Within this command the display order of other objects is not changed. For this, the command **LAYERORDER** can be used
 +===== Procedure =====
 +  - After entering the command a dialogue window appears where you can select all layers of the current drawing from a list.\\ \\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​entwurf:​lay009.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\ 
 +  - Mark the layer(s) to be moved and control the order with **[Up]** and **[Down]**. The drawing will be refreshed at once. 
 +  - With **[Close]** the command and the dialogue box are closed.