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Access to the Plant Catalogue

The plant catalogue can be opened anytime, even when there are no plants in the drawing. This makes it possible to print an existing list or to research a plant. The function can be opened in two different ways:

1. Opening via DATAflor CAD

With Menu Plants > Plant catalogue the plant catalogue is opened.

Here the full functionality is available. Eg. access to selections (plant lists), creation of customized plants, export as GAEB file, and import of another plant catalogue.

2. Start without DATAflor CAD

Either, DATAflor CAD accesses DATAflor BUSINESS or the catalogue DATAplants - BRUNS (see Database and network access). Therefore, these programs have to be started first. Within DATAflor BUSINESS is the identical functionality like CAD (see point 1). If the start occurs via DATAplants - BRUNS there is only limited fuctionality (no access to selections (plant lists), no creation of customized plants, no export as GAEB file, no import of other plant catalogues, etc.).

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