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 +====== Control of visibility ======
 +===== Description =====
 +With these options you can conveniently control the visibility of objects that were created in the drawing by the [[Objekt-Manager]]. Like all properties in the Object-Manager, this setting applies to all objects and groups that are subordinate to the marked group or object.
 +===== Function =====
 +|{{de:produkte:cad:planung:fun_004.png?nolink|}}|**Make visible**|Only the activated properties are made visible if they have been switched invisible before.\\ {{de:produkte:cad:planung:fun_001.png?nolink|}}|
 +|{{de:produkte:cad:planung:fun_005.png?nolink|}}|**Make invisible**|Only the activated properties are switched invisible.\\ {{de:produkte:cad:planung:fun_002.png?nolink|}}|
 +|{{de:produkte:cad:planung:fun_006.png?nolink|}}|**Visibility Manager**|In the Visibility Manager all settings can be applied together for all properties.\\ \\ All visible properties in the drawing created with the Object-Manager can be switched invisible without freezing layers or removing properties.\\ \\ Additionally, there is the option to deactivated the mark at all objects in the drawing.\\ {{de:produkte:cad:planung:fun_003.png?nolink|}}|
 +=== Practical example ===
 +  - You have a complex drawing in which you want to document all areas, but for each plan only one area is to be documented (eg. //Stage 1// of the construction works).
 +  - Structure the object tree in different stages, eg. //Stage 1// and //Stage 2//.
 +  - Mark the group //All// in object tree and click on **Make invisible**. 
 +  - Activate the box for **All** and confirm the dialogue with **[OK]**.
 +  - Select the group //Stage 1// which you want to be seen in the plan and click on the button to **Make visible**.
 +  - Select the option **Documentation** and confirm the dialogue with **[OK]**.
 +  - The documentation is now set visible for the objects in the group //Stage 1//.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +If you often work with outlines they should be turned invisible on the most upper level. This way, adjacent objects can be selected easier, because the outline derivations are not displayed.