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 +====== Plants ======
 +With the Planting Manager a CAD-drawing can be transformed into a complete planting plan in no time. Besides the possibility to work with individual plants or planting areas, even plant schedules and schemes can be created. As a plant catalogue, the software DATAplants - BRUNS is available which includes the current and extended plant catalogue of the treenursery BRUNS with all qualities and prices (also graduated prices). 
 +With the import-function in the plant database catalogues of other manufacturers can be imported and used, as well. Additionally, you can manage your own plants.
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 +  * [[Setzen und Zuweisen]]
 +  * [[Bearbeiten und Kopieren]]
 +  * [[Optionen der Darstellung]]
 +  * [[Grafikvorgaben konfigurieren]]
 +  * [[Pflanzzusammenstellung speichern]]
 +  * [[Zugriff auf den Pflanzenkatalog]]
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 +  * [[Pflanzenlegende erzeugen]]
 +  * [[Pflanzenliste]]
 +  * [[Im- und Export]]
 +  * [[Kopplung an BUSINESS]]
 +  * [[tipps_pflanzen]]
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 +To work with the planting design a plant database has to be installed on the computer. The following programs are available:
 +  * DATAplants BRUNS
 +In the case that DATAflor Business is not yet installed, please  install the program with the provided CD-ROM DATAplants - BRUNS.
 +Both programs can be installed together on one computer and you can choose which program you want to access. 
 +Provided that both programs are installed you can open the dialogue to switch the access with **//Start > (All) Programs > DATAflor > CAD Tools > Select Database//** (see [[Datenbank- und Netzwerkzugriff]] > Plant catalogues) 
 +Usually, this is not necessary, because mostly only one of the programs is installed.