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 +====== Objects ======
 +In the object tree you can detect and administer objects {{de:produkte:cad:planung:icon0030.gif?nolink|}} in different ways (icon, menu, keyboard, mouse). When detecting objects from the drawing the program recognizes automatically whether the object is either an object (eg. points), a distance (eg. line), an area (eg. polygon), or a volume (eg. body of prisms). You can see this by the allocated name in the object tree after the detection. Unknown object types are listed under the template //Objekt//
 +When detected an object receives not only a name but also a consecutive ident.number. The name of the object can be changed in the tab **Properties** any time, though. This name appears later in the Mass List when conducting a billing documentation.
 +If drawing objects are deleted from the drawing that were previously listed in the [[Objekt-Manager]] they will also be deleted from the [[Massenbaum]]. However, a notification will alert you about this. 
 +<WRAP column 45%>
 +  * [[Registerkarte Objekte]]
 +  * [[Objekte anlegen]]
 +  * [[Objekte suchen]]
 +  * [[Objekte neu nummerieren]]
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 +  * [[Objekte mit Abzugsflächen]]
 +  * [[3D Objekte]]
 +  * [[Besondere 3D Objekte]]
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 +All properties of the detected objects are calculated and documented in the projection (2D), even though the objects are 3D distances or 3D areas. Changes in altitude of objects, eg. with [[Linienverlauf bearbeiten]] have no impact on the derivated properties
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 +If you want to detect the objects in a developed 3D-area, a detection as a 3D-object must be conducted (see 3D-objects). Changes in altitude of objects (eg. with [[Linienverlauf bearbeiten]]) will have immediate impact on the derivated properties. So, already with the detection of objects it must be considered whether the drawing is to be prepared in 2D or 3D. If possible, the 2D space is preferred, because 3D data can slow down the operating speed.