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 +====== Surfaces with cross-sections ======
 +===== Configuration options =====
 +Profile groups can only be detected and managed in the Object-Manager. Configuration settings are not necessary, because the layout of the profiles is controlled by the terrain model and thus displays the visible documentation.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +The profile groups have to be detected as 3D-objects (see [[Objekte]] > 3D-objects).
 +===== Documentation methods =====
 +=== Method: Area with cross-section by Gauß-Elling ===
 +In the mass list the values of the formula 21 (straight lines from coordinates) are entered for the individual profiles. Then, the results are entered into the formula 23 (Area- or quantity determination from sections) (see [[Erläuterung Berechnungsmethoden]] > Calculation formulas REB 23.003).
 +Used REB Formulas:
 +  * 99 - Explanation of the profiles
 +  * 21 - Straight lines from coordinates
 +  * 23 - Area- or quantity determination from sections