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 +====== Block line copy ======
 +<WRAP round info 60%>
 +Command: **LPBAND**
 +===== Description =====
 +With this function any block can be copied on a line by a simple selection.  ​
 +===== Procedure =====
 +  - After entering the command a line (polyline, line, circle, ellipse, or spline) has to be selected. ​
 +  - Then you are asked to specify the desired block. Multiple selection is possible. ​
 +  - Afterwards specify the point in the block you want to use as insertion point. In this process you can also define an offset from the line. The with the mouse defined offset is the distance between the specified centre of the block and the line. When confirming your input with <wrap caps>​**Enter**</​wrap>​ the block with its specified centre will be placed along the line.
 +  - There are two additional options in the following dialogue. \\ \\ {{:​produkte:​cad:​entwurf:​zei0022.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\ Under **Spacing** the optimal location, a fixed value, or the number of segments can be specified. **Optimized** calculates the spatial expansion of the block, Spacing denotes the spacing between the blocks on the line, **Segments** divides the line in the number of specified segments and the blocks are placed on the points where the line is broken.\\ \\ Also, the **Rotation** can be adapted or specified through the value of the **Angle**. When entering an value for the angle all blocks will have the same angle, and with selecting the **adapted** function the blocks are aligned along the line. 
 +=== Example ===
 +Preferences:​ without offset, **optimized** spacing and **adapted** rotation