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 +====== In existing selection set ======
 +===== Description =====
 +With this function, all points of a point set can be added to an already existing selection set, to for example rotate or move multiple point sets at the same time.
 +===== Application =====
 +  - Highlight a set of points in the quick DGM and with the right mouse button use the command **Sampling fraction**.
 +  - After using the function all points of the selected point set are added to the selection.
 +<WRAP round important 90%>
 +When more than 100 objects are selected __none__ Pickpoints will be shown.\\ This is the **Objekt selection limit** (system variable **GRIPOBJLIMIT**), which is by default set to 100. This value can be set in the  **Options** under **Selection > Pickpoints > Object selection limits for the display of pickpoints**.