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 +====== Modify graphics ======
 +===== Description =====
 +A quick adjustment of all allocated graphics (hatch, symbol line, etc.) is important, especially for the customization of different export scales. 
 +Start the command with Menu **Extras > Modify graphics**.\\ After clicking the option, the following dialogue opens:\\ {{de:produkte:cad:planung:gra014.png?nolink|}} 
 +Here the factors can be changed for individual and multiple graphic types. With the option **relative** the original factor is multiplied with the new value, the proportions of the graphic types will be maintained. With the option **absolute** the original factor will be replaced with the new one.
 +Only the graphic options turned on in the tab **Graphic** will be changed. Deactivated graphic options will be retained in their original size and will not be changed.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +The changes only apply to the current group and its contents, and not to all allocated graphic properties in the object tree. If all graphics are to be changed, the function should be executed when the group //All// is marked..
 +===== Practical example =====
 +  - Detect an area in the [[Objekt-Manager]] and allocate the property //Hatch// (not SOLID).
 +  - Mark the superordinate group in the object tree and click on the option **Modify graphic** in the **Extras** menu.
 +  - Enter in the field for **All** the value //2// and leave the presetting **relative**. After confirming with **[OK]**  the hatch in the drawing is displayed in double the size than originally created in the tab **Graphic**. This way switching to other export / print scales in the drawing becomes quite easy.