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 +====== Grid ======
 +<WRAP round info 60%>
 +Command: **GRID**
 +===== Description =====
 +The grid is a surface that consists of a mesh of squares. Base for the calculation is an existing triangulation. Even at future processes, the grid is depended on the triangulation. ​
 +Grids are usually used for the visual presentation of terrain surfaces (Visualisation),​ because the surface of a grid appears more even in contrast to a triangulation. A grid is not suitable for a volume calculation,​ though, as its presentation is too much interpolated and the results is biased accordingly. ​
 +===== Procedure =====
 +==== Create grid ====
 +**Quick-DGM >** right mouse click on a **Triangulation > Grid**
 +==== Edit grid ====
 +The basics of the grid can be changed in the tab Basics ([[Quick-DGM]] > button Info). Here another surface can be activated.
 +In the field **Parameter** the following values can be specified:
 +|**Mesh size/ Mesh number**|**Mesh size**: At this point you are shown how big the individual meshes (grid squares) are. This number is generated from the number of meshes and the dimensions of the selected triangulation. The start value is set  to a mesh number of 100, the mesh distance is then calculated accordingly.\\ \\ **Mesh number**: Here, the number of mesh for the selected triangulation along the X-axis is specified (columns). The number of mesh on the Y-axis (rows) is derived therefrom.\\ \\ There is no limit to the number of mesh.\\ \\ <WRAP round important 90%>
 +Great values require longer calculation and insertion times, but increase the precision.
 +</​WRAP>​ The values for mesh size and number are dependent on each other. If one of the two values is changed, the other one will automatically be re-calculated.|
 +|**Smoothing**|Here,​ the smoothness of the surface to be created is specified. The smoothness of the surface depends on the number of neighbouring points considered for the calculation. The following options are possible: None = 0, low = 2, medium = 4, high = 8 neighbouring points.\\ \\ The more neighbouring points are used for the calculation,​ the more smooth the grid appears. When the option None is selected the grid is virtually projected to the triangulation\\ \\ If the smooth factor is set to None, the levels of the mesh nodes are calculated on the basis of the triangulation. If there is another setting selected for the smooth factor as many points as required by the setting are additionally used for the calculation.|
 +|**Exaggeration**|This number shows the factor with which the detected levels are multiplied, in order to clarify the course of the terrain.|
 +The option **Skirt visible** ([[Quick-DGM]] > button Info> tab **General**) creates a rectangular boundary whereat the smallest Z-value (height) is used as base. 
 +|Skirt visible|Skirt invisible|
 +===== Functions =====
 +==== Layout tab ====
 +In the tab **Layout** colour-properties can be specified. Triangles with their corner points on the same level, so in one plane, can be displayed in a different colour.
 +You can also chose whether the triangulation is to be displayed with a colour gradient to make level differences more prominent. For this activate the option **Deflect colour from height**. The colour gradient is defined by the specification of the start and end colour. The values in between are interpolated.
 +The **name** of the grid (tab **General**) is filled automatically with the default description.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +The settings in the tabs **General** and **Layout** can be predefined as template for all future drawings in the window **Configuration** (see [[Quick-DGM]]).
 +===== Next steps =====
 +[[Geländeschnitt]]\\ ​
 +[[Profilgruppe]]\\ ​
 +[[Höhenlinien]]\\ ​
 +[[Triangulation]]\\ ​
 +**Work tools**\\ ​
 +[[Abfragen]]\\ ​
 +[[Als Text eintragen]]\\ ​
 +[[Perspektivische Ansicht]]\\ ​
 +[[Objekte auf Oberfläche heben]]\\ ​