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Terrain export



Developed triangulations can be transferred to the relevant coordinates in Google Earth with the function GEEXPORT. This way, you have the opportunity to view your design in the real environment and, for example, can create a persepctive view.


  1. Open Google Earth. Enter the command GEEXPORT in DATAflor CAD.
  2. Specify the triangulation that you want to transfer.
  3. The surface modelled in DATAflor CAD will be overlayed onto the view of Google Earth.

Areas of the triangulation that are under the surface of Google Earth cannot be shown. Thus, the mere display of a cut is not possible.


The selected DTM object is transferred to Google Earth as temporary location. You can find in the sidebar of Google Earth (on the left) in the field Places the folder Temporary places. This information is also saved in the file (*.kml) in the folder Google Earth\Models of the user directory of DATAflor CAD and can be re-opened through the Google Earth menu File > Open.

Google Earth Pro has to be purchased for commercial use. Please find further details at:

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