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 +====== Documentation ======
 +A verifyable and REB conform documentation of provided services is inevitable for a construction billing. The combination of a [[totalstationen|Total station]] with an efficient CAD program and a modern calculation software ease the procedure many times. The results are convincing plans, and a verifyable mass list.  
 +The documentation plays an important role in the construction billing where in addition to the mere size of an area a proof of its calculation method has to be provided. In general, this applies to all objects and masses within an account. There are several procedures for the different geometric bodies that should be discussed with all planning consultants. In DATAflor CAD all current methods are available: on the one hand the mere graphic presentation in CAD, on the other the export of lists or the transfer to DATAflor BUSINESS and the writing of REB conform mass lists.
 +<WRAP column 45%>
 +  * [[Hinweise zur Anwendung]]
 +  * [[Strecken]]
 +  * [[Flächen]]
 +  * [[Volumen mit Prismen]]
 +  * [[Oberfläche mit Querprofilen]]
 +  * [[Volumen mit Querprofilen]]
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 +  * [[Dokumentation Manuell⁄Bearbeiten]]
 +  * [[Optionen für Dokumentation]]  
 +  * [[Mengennachweis erstellen]]
 +  * [[Erläuterung Berechnungsmethoden]]  
 +  * [[funktionen_dokumentation]]
 +  * [[tipps_dokumentation]]
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 +Only objects can be documented that were detected in the [[Objekt-Manager]] first. Depending on the object type there are different configurations and options in the tab Documentation available. The pre-settings can be defined with the [[Konfiguration]]. Also the already created documentations in the drawing can be re-created with the settings of the Configuration (see [[Eigenschaften]] > Application of Templates / Configurations).
 +For a mere graphic presentation it is not necessary to work with the link to DATAflor BUSINESS. If a mass list needs to be created an allocation of the objects to the items has to be setup first. For this, the BUSINESS Link is required (see [[Positionskopplung]]). Alternatively, a mass list for an imported GAEB-file can be created (see [[GAEB Schnittstelle]] > GAEB Im- and Export) for which a link is not necessary.