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 +====== Lock outlines ======
 +===== Desription =====
 +With this option derivated outlines can be locked in the drawing, ie. with a change of the original objects (move, rotate, delete, etc.) the usually attached outline will not be re-adjusted with the object.
 +The work with this option is helpful when outlines are definitively not be changed, like boundaries of a construction site. Or when outlines are supposed to be set invisible (see [[Steuerung von Sichtbarkeiten]]) or simply the relevant layer is deactivated. This way, you can be sure that masses once detected will not get changed. A check can be done with the designated option.
 +===== Method =====
 +Start the command **Lock** with Menu **Extras > Outlines > Lock**
 +With locking the outlines the option [[Konturen überprüfen]] will also be activated for outline-objects in the tab **Properties**.
 +<WRAP round tip 90%>
 +The changes only apply to the current group and its contents, but not to any other outline-objects in the drawing. If all outlines are supposed to be locked in the drawing the fuction has to be applied on the level of the group //​All//​. ​