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Geo-referenced image



Geo-referenced images (aerials, topographic maps) can be inserted into the drawing accurately. This way you can use them as plan base or site map.


The command opens the Image Selection dialogue. When loading the selected image file the parameter of the geo-reference (also called correlation) are imported and the image is placed straight away into the correct position.

The image is inserted on the current layer and its correlation data is saved in the drawing file.

By default the correlation source is searched in the directory where the image is contained in.

If there is no correlation information contained the standard-dialogue Image insert appears.

Notes to correlation

The information of the geo-reference can be contained in the image file (.TIF, .JPG, .BMP), in a world-file (.WLD, .TFW, .JGW, .BPW) or in a tab-file (.TAB).

The data of a separate .world or .tab file can be used only if it is saved with the same name.

The correlation data can exist in different ways: ont the one hand with insertion point (upper left image corner), scale (pixel size), and rotation, and on the other hand with four control point coordinate pairs. Also, there can be a combination of both.

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